Kain & Kabler Funeral Home

Kain & Kabler Funeral Home
has had a long history in Mt. Olivet and Robertson County.  We have seen
many areas of funeral service that has changed since 1885 when a small business was formed under the name of
J.H. Kain & Son, Carpenters,Builders and Undertakers.
 Originally all visitations were held in private homes and
churches.  Family members were often kept several days while everyone paid their final respects. Together with his
 L.J. Kain many families were served.  

As their business grew thru the years, changes were made.  In the 1860's a partnership was formed with
Judge W.T. Kenton.  The business then became known as Kenton & Kain Undertaking.  As the small town of  
Mt. Olivet began to grow all services seemed to move into town as well.  

Many businesses and churches began to move into town.  At a business meeting of the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in
August of 1907, church members voted to sell their church. It had become to small when they began to offer more
activities.  Plans were to  build a new church in Mt. Olivet.  The church was then sold to Kenton & Kain Undertaking.
During the last week of October 1908 the building was dismantled and moved into Mt. Olivet, with a chapel and
offices funerals were then held at their new location.  We still remain at this historic site today.  In 1908 shares of the
partnership was sold again and became known as
Kain & Sheeler Funeral Home.   

At the death of L.J. Kain in June of 1933
William T. Kain vowed to carry on the family operated business.
Business was good over the years and many additions were added to the location.  As time went on and times
changed the funeral business began to change. Visitations and funerals were then held at the funeral home.
When Mt. Olivet and Robertson County began to build paved roads, the funeral homes began to move from horse
and buggies to the hearses we now see today.  

In 1930
 L.O. Kabler began to help his uncle J.F. Sheeler in the family business.  He obtained his funeral directors
and embalmers licenses.  Upon the death of his Uncle in 1940 the business became known as
Kain & Kabler Funeral
In the coming years Owen Dale Kabler obtained his funeral directors license and he and Wentzel Sparks
joined the family run business.  Wentzel Sparks was a nephew of William T. Kain. The two continued the work of their
family before them for many years.

Kain & Kabler Funeral Home is still a family owned and operated  business today.  It has been continuously locally
owned and operated thru the years in Mt. Olivet.  Kain & Kabler Funeral Home remains Mt. Olivet's only locally owned
funeral service.We continue to give 24 hour service to the residents of Robertson County and will continue to
remain an active part of our community.  

Today the family tradition is carried on under the ownership of
Joyce Kabler and Jim and Toni Kabler Curry.   
Toni obtained her funeral directors and embalmers licenses in 1979.  Jim Curry joined the daily operations of Kain &
Kabler Funeral Service in 1985.   Upon his retirement from  the Kentucky State Police in 2002 he obtained his Funeral
Directors license.  Kain & Kabler Funeral Home is a family based business still today with the youngest generation of
the Curry family Tracy Kyle Curry joining in the daily operations.   Together they will continue to bring quality funeral
services to their community in the tradition of all that were there before them thru the years.
Kain & Kabler Funeral
Founded In 1885
  • L.J.  Kain &  J. F. Sheeler  1908
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Joyce & Owen Dale Kabler
Bill Kain & L.O. Kabler
Kain & Kabler Funeral Home
Continueously Serving Our Community For Over 100 Years